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Chill Brew Coffee Shots - 6 Pack

It's finally here everyone... Chill Brew Coffee.

The World's First CBD infused Cold Brew Coffee Shot!

Chill Brew Coffee is a 2 ounce LIFESAVING coffee shot made up of three simple but powerful ingredients. 

  • Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate - single origin, organic, Panamanian coffee beans 
  • 180MG of Natural Caffeine - the most optimal dose of caffeine for those always on the move!
  • 10MG of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD - CO2 Extracted and organically sourced. Always third party lab tested.

Together these ingredients come together to give you a feeling that has yet to be experienced.

Chill Brew Coffee is Coffee without the Jitters!™ 

Everyone Feels it Differently...

See what the hype is all about and try Chill Brew NOW!

This shot is made from Cold Brew Coffee so remember to...