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   CBDaily Solutions was started by three college students around late 2017. One of our founders, Ayman Dandashi, discovered the benefits of CBD after a very traumatic injury to his right forearm that severed nerves, tendons, and the ulnar artery. His life was saved on the spot and he was taken into emergency surgery.

The surgery was as successful as it could be, but the results included loss of sensation and function in his dominant hand from the nerve damage. Ayman’s estimated recovery for a full range of motion was 1-2 years, and nobody could tell if his sensation would come back and to what extent.

After suffering from severe mental side effects as well as throat closing allergic reactions to opioids and nerve pain medication, he cut off the prescription drugs and tried CBD oil for the first time. Not only did it help tremendously with his nerve pain and inflammation, but Ayman says it gave him “a new sense of mental clarity and motivation,” after just two weeks of using CBD oil.


Within 6 months of dedicated physical therapy, a healthy diet, and daily CBD consumption, Ayman gained full range of motion back in his dominant hand. His sensation is coming back slowly and steadily as well. Ayman credits CBD oil for his miraculous recovery as do his partners who witnessed firsthand the variety of benefits offered by CBD.



We are committed to providing our customers with high quality, organic hemp CBD to help them improve their overall health.

The motivation behind CBDaily comes from an understanding of the hardships that people frequently face when they can't find the relief that they need. At CBDaily, we ensure that all of our products are completely organic as well as 3rd party lab-tested so that there is no doubt in your mind that these products are right for you. CBD naturally brings the body back to homeostasis as well as promotes immunity and overall mental function. Improve your health naturally instead of finding temporary relief from dangerous prescription medication!



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