Benefits: Insomnia


   One of the biggest issues that adults face every day is trouble sleeping or insomnia. The sleep health foundation states that 1 in 3 adults have at least mild insomnia.
   This is not an issue that can go ignored because sharpness, memory, focus, health, appetite, stress levels, and muscle growth are all affected by sleep. Sleep plays a crucial role in staying productive, recovering from exercise or injury, and mood balance.
   People suffer from sleeping disorders from a variety of reasons such as excess stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, excess caffeine, etc. Sometimes sleep disorders can go unexplained, this would be called primary insomnia.
   Most adults will do anything to seek relief and get a better night's rest, so they start taking sleeping medication like Ambien or Zolpidem. These drugs come with significant side effects like the majority of pharmaceuticals. They can affect overall mood, diet, stress levels, focus, vision, and coordination. They are also severely addictive and can create symptoms of withdrawal, as well as being toxic and potentially fatal when mixed with other substances or alcohol.
   In fact in recent years, ER visits have doubled because of interactions with sleeping medication.
   The rise of use in sleep medication is an epidemic alongside the opioid epidemic. Adults need to seek natural alternatives to develop long term and true relief of sleeping disorders. It is crucial to focus on regulating and maintaining healthy diet, fitness, and doing the best one can to fight chronic stress.
   CBD supports against anxiety and minimizes oxidative stress levels. Multiple studies and endless testimonials indicate that CBD does not only help people fall asleep, but it helps them stay asleep rather than twisting and turning and waking up every thirty minutes. What truly separates CBD from sleeping pills and other supplements is the lack of any negative side effects, no toxicity, and no grogginess in the morning!
   You can get back to your proper schedule and conquer your days with full focus, energy, and less stress!