Benefits: Chronic Pain


 With the opioid epidemic in the US at an all-time high, it is important for us to not rely on prescription painkillers when injured or dealing with our daily chronic pains. Percocet, Norcos, Vicodin, etc., are all examples of opioid painkillers. They are known as opioids because essentially they are synthetic and chemically approved heroin.
 These drugs come with significant side effects like severe dependency, withdrawal, change in mood, change in diet, inability to focus, lack of motivation, high levels of toxicity, and many other potentially dangerous side effects.
   For the sake of your overall health, it is important to find a natural pain reliever to avoid the chances of getting hooked on opioids like the unfortunate 70,000+ who are struggling every day.
   Many people with daily chronic pains look to something like ibuprofen and do not realize how harmful that is to the body long term when used frequently. It can be damaging to the kidneys, liver, and gut when consumed often.
   CBD is a natural analgesic, so it can truly offer symptoms of pain relief in a variety of doses depending on the demographics of the consumer as well as the type of pain they are experiencing.
   As consistently mentioned, it has no discovered negative side effects and no toxicity. Dosage for chronic pain can range from 10-100 mg daily, so its important to start low and titrate up as needed.