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Hello everybody, 

This page is to introduce you to some of our very special friends. These are the people sharing the same mission as us at CBDaily Solutions, and that is to simply help people feel better mentally and physically. 

CBDaily Solutions is not just about selling CBD products to customers. It is a community and we promote a lifestyle to improve public health. We are passionate about health and wellness in all aspects like exercise, nutrition, physical therapy, and fighting oxidative stress!

Let's first start with the BEST Physical therapists on social media. Here are The Prehab Guys. This team is revolutionizing physical therapy like no other. The Prehab guys are saving lives by bringing physical therapy to you DIGITALLY. Check out their website for exercises and tips that are clinically proven to improve your mobility, increase strength, and reduce pain/inflammation. 


Next, we have our friends at NexGen Performance. One of their founders, Daniel Yair, shares the same drive and passion for providing high-quality health supplements to promote health and wellness. Daniel shares an identical motivation as one of our founders, Ayman, as they both became passionate about holistic health after a chronic ailment. Daniel suffers from Crohn's disease and has become an expert on fighting inflammation and promoting gut health. They are not limited to this however, so check out their amazing list of pre, inter, and post workout supplements! 

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