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August 23, 2019

There are many different ways in which a person can infuse CBD into their daily routine. Some products, such as topical salves, merely have to be applied to the skin to reduce pain and inflammation. A few drops of oil under the tongue is often all that is needed to relieve anxiety, stress, and depression. Of course, there are a lot of folks that like inhaling vape juice as the effects hit them quickly, and the act allows them to feel as if they are smoking marijuana. 

It is notable to mention that the CBD oils on the market can only have 0.3% of THC in them though. Hence, they typically do not give persons a euphoric high. Then again, cannabidiol does not produce the negative side-effects that some individuals experience with cannabis such as paranoia or memory loss either. In other words, users get all of the good stuff without the bad. 

There is also a new niche that seems to be taking the industry by storm, CBD infused beverages. For example, some companies are adding the component to water. This innovative item kills two birds with one stone, so to speak. It helps the consumer stay hydrated, which is a human need, and it assists them in addressing their anxiety-related needs. After all, who couldn’t use a little help dealing with the worries and stressors of the modern world?

Have You Heard About Or Dealt With Anxiety Issues?

Anxiety continues being mentioned in this post because it affects many, many people worldwide. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States. In fact, approximately 40 million adult citizens 18 years of age or older are influenced by the conditions each year. Typical types of anxiety disorders include...

  • PTSD, PDD, And OCD
  • Panic Disorder, Specific Phobias, Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Major Depressive Disorder And Social Anxiety Disorder

Some people seek treatment from physicians, psychiatrists, and therapists, while others sit back and do nothing. Why would a person do such a thing? Well, for starters, not everyone has insurance, and many individuals simply cannot afford the out-of-pocket costs. Meanwhile, a lot of folks just do not want to talk about mental illness as they believe it makes them appear vulnerable or weak. However, this approach is likely not the best one to take as suicidal thoughts can become part of the equation. When that type of thinking occurs, the outcome is probably not going to be pretty.

CBD May Be The Perfect Solution

Tons of people drink a delicious cup of Joe in the morning to help them wake up and become more alert. Heck, some folks even sip on coffee throughout the day or after a meal in the evening. Unfortunately, those with anxiety disorders are not always able to do so as the caffeine can make their symptoms even worse. CBD for coffee could prove to be the ideal solution for this dilemma. 

Research suggests that CBD for coffee may allow consumers to enjoy the hot beverage without overstimulating the nervous system. It is believed that cannabidiol increases the calming capabilities of the adenosine receptors. Sometimes, coffee drinkers become jittery and uneasy after consuming too much caffeine. Hence, many people avoid java altogether to ensure that they don't have to face those feelings. That is no way for a person to have to live his or her life, though, especially if their taste buds look forward to the delicious taste each day. So, consider giving CBD for coffee a try to discover the benefits for yourself.

Due To Easing Restrictions, More And More CBD Studies Are Taking Place

Anyone keeping up with marijuana legalization knows that the drug is still illegal on a federal level. The DEA has cannabis categorized as a Schedule I narcotic. It is in the same class as drugs like heroin, LSD, ecstasy, peyote, and methaqualone. However, due to society viewing legalization in a favorable light, the government has allowed states to make their own decisions on legalizing marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes. Also, the FDA has removed some restrictions so that scientists can study the plant further to find out what it truly has to offer.

One investigation proposes that CBD and caffeine have mood-boosting attributes, which can complement each other nicely, making the coffee drinking experience even better. Additionally, both of the substances are loaded chock full of antioxidants. The human body needs antioxidants to prevent oxidization, or a chemical reaction, that can damage cells. Therefore, it is a smart idea to combine coffee and CBD, if for nothing else, increasing antioxidant powers. 

Beans And Aspirin Are Not The Only Things Good For The Heart

According to the American College of Cardiology, cardiovascular disease, or CVD for short, was the leading cause of death for Americans in 2016. During that period, 840,768 people lost their lives to heart ailments. For 2019, it is estimated that 1,055,000 coronary events will occur in the United States. Of those, 335,000 will be recurring while 720,000 will be new. When health and well-being are the primary topics of concern, one can never be too careful.

Adding CBD to coffee may be beneficial to heart health. For starters, one recent study has linked cannabidiol to lowering high blood pressure. Ten healthy men were given 600 mg of CBD oil, which resulted in reduced resting blood pressure when compared to a placebo. High blood pressure puts people at a greater risk of sustaining health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, heart attack, and stroke. So, consider adding CBD to your diet to remain healthy and strong. Those that have concerns should feel free to discuss the treatment option with their doctors.

As if these reasons weren't enough to give CBD oil a try, stay put as there is still more. Due to its anti-inflammatory, powerful antioxidant, and stress-reducing features, CBD has proven to reduce cell death associated with heart disease in animal studies. One evaluation of diabetic mice with heart disease found that CBD reduced oxidative stress and prevented the heart from becoming damaged. Regardless of whether a person wants the compound in their coffee, or needs to take it in another way, this research shows that CBD might be the perfect answer for decreasing blood pressure and nipping heart damage in the bud. 

Caffeine And CBD Have Cancer-Fighting Properties

There are many different types of cancers. It doesn't really matter which one a person is diagnosed with though because they are all scary. People go above and beyond to exercise, eat right, and avoid products known to cause the ailment. Yet, in many cases, some folks still wind up getting the diseases. However, there are a couple of things that persons may be able to do to dodge such a fate, consume caffeine, and CBD oil.

Caffeine is for way more than just giving the consumer a jolt of energy. Scientists have discovered that it can reduce the risk of particular cancers. An individual can drink coffee or take caffeine pills as directed to protect his or her body against developing colorectal or liver cancer. Thus, before cutting caffeine from your diet, discuss the pros and cons of the task with your physician to see if it is the right decision for you or not.  

Meanwhile, cannabinoids have a chemical makeup that allows them to fight cancer cells themselves. Some researchers indicate that they break the cancer cells apart, which results in them dying before they get the opportunity to attack healthy cells in the body. Other studies show that CBD can slow and stop the advancement of the bad cells. Further research is needed, but it appears as if cannabidiol and caffeine could hold some of the answers to the mysteries surrounding cancer. 

There Are Proponents Against The Combination Of CBD And Caffeine

Some people argue that caffeine is an upper while CBD is a downer. Thus, they believe that combining the two will cause them to cancel each other out. However, when the dosage of CBD is just right, it can act as a stimulant instead of a depressant. What does that mean? Well, in layman's terms, the two can work together cohesively, like a well-oiled machine, to make a person more focused, alert, and awake. Plus, the CBD still has the ability to fight anxiety, depression, and more. 

Each person is unique, which means people may not have the exact same experiences with the caffeine and CBD mixture. Folks shouldn't discredit the benefits before they give the combination a shot though. So, get a cup of CBD-infused coffee today and find out what all of the fuss is about. The chances are good that you will enjoy the product, tell your friends about it, and drink it together at home or coffee shops for years to come.